Announcements (Sept. 8, 2019):

I am working on a remake of Waterside, as I felt that some things could've been changed or done differently. I also want to add the extra levels and bosses I was unable to add in the PICO-8 version due to lack of cart space.

Check my main page for more info:


Game created for LOWREZJAM 2019, a game jam where you have to make a game fit within a 64 by 64 pixel resolution.

NOTE: Enemies come in waves, and their placements will always be the same. If you failed a stage, just keep replaying it and memorize the enemy positions.


[ Controls ]
[<][>] - Move
[X] - Jump
[C] - Attack
[CTRL + M] - Mute Audio


Visit 4 different locations and vanquish foes. Each stage should take about 1 to 2 minutes.

- 4 unique bosses and a built-in speedrun timer.
- Choose between increasing your max life or your attack power after clearing a stage.


Also on the Lexaloffle BBS:


Waterside 62 MB

Development log


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Such an awesome game! It's so fun to play and the art and music are gorgeous! :)

Thanks! =)