Panacea - Postmortem for Devtober

For this year’s Devtober, I decided to make another short metroidvania.  

This was originally supposed to be a submission for 2 other jams, but I ended up wildly underestimating the amount of time that I actually ended up spending on this project (I gave myself about a week but ended up finishing by the end of the month).  

Near the beginning of the jam, I spent a lot of my spare time working on this, but by the end I had gotten pretty major burnout, and ended up only adding or changing a few things each day. Trying to finish up the rest of the game ended up becoming somewhat of a chore.  

In the end though, I don’t regret starting this project, and I did have quite a lot of fun at some points, as well as learned some new things about better code structure, etc.  

* The music was written kind of last minute, but I don’t have any intentions of updating this anymore because I have honestly grown tired of working on it, and I’m not really a composer anyway.


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